Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom

From the design line, the Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom follows the traditional cabinet, and the smooth lines outline the feeling of freedom. The clever space design makes great use of the storage, scratch-resistant and easy to care. The development of open cabinets and mid-cabinet systems has increased the volume utilization of the longitudinal wall.
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Product Details

Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom


Model: AMB878

Brand: Amblem

Style: modern style

Is it customizable: Yes

Origin: Zhejiang, China

Whether to assemble: assembly

Installation instructions details: Provide installation instructions

Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom

Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom

Product details

1.Cube seasoning basket 

   Sorting ingathering cans,bags of food for storage in a neat and orderly,be clear at a glance;at the same time,high-quality stainless steel frame firmly and easy to clean.

2.Special capable of loading and separating box

   Stainless steel bowl basket frame,greatly enhance the storage amount of dishes for classification,storage ,drain water,also easy to clean.

3.Fast rotating frame 

   For the placement of beverages,potato chips,jam,snacks,coffee and other food,and that is ,food applicances,can rotate 360 degrees inside and outside, the amount of storage increased by more than 2 times,the inside of the items can be rotated to the outside. 

Company Introduction

   Secure cabinet membership group Boss,Boss appliance electric kitchen boutique as secure kitchen appliance standared,the performance of fusion self-contained.

   In 2006,the Boss introduced filtration accuracy increased to 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis water purification system,marks the secure cabines for kitchen "storage""cooking""air purification","water purification"four in one territory.

Bathroom Cabinet For Small Bathroom

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Paper Box with Plywood........ 

New Design Classic Customized Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet with Amblem Finished

Port: Ningbo or Shanghai , China

Why Choose Us? 

· More than 30 years experienced export for kitchen cabinets.

· Free of design.Our professional design team will CAD it for you.

· E1/E2 standard boards and FSC membership , ensuring eco-friendliness.

· We are the manufacturer and we welcome you to visit our factory.

· We are detail-oriented and our mission is to give 101% to clients.



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