Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

traditional bathroom vanity units uses a full set of high-quality hardware accessories, the items are stored freely, and the bathroom is clean and tidy. With a stylish storage cabinet, life is more comfortable. Smooth countertop for easy cleaning.
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Product Details

Name of commodity:traditional bathroom vanity units
Item No:AMB909
Door Material:Solid wood rubber wood


Black/white/blue/custom color
Shipping way:Bt sea

Traditional Bathroom Vanity Units

Product warranty

The company's product warranty under the "PRC Consumer Protection Law", "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" and "Some Goods Repair and Replacement Responsibility Regulations" requirements are as follows:

Product warranty period cabinet 8 years door 2 years hardware accessories 2 years Taiwan 10 years.

traditional bathroom vanity units

Excellent- fixed

Eliminate the solid guarantee of loose and dynamic displacement - solid triangle

In order to avoid external shaking or asymmetric pressure to bring damage to the kitchen cabinet, the Anbo kitchen cabinet is uniformly equipped with a stainless steel triangular fixing (triangular stability principle) at the top corner of the cabinet to prevent the connection between the cabinet connecting parts. Deformation loose displacement, to prevent the connection from shaking for a long time.

traditional bathroom vanity units

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