Modern Bathroom Furniture Cabinets

Modern Bathroom Furniture Cabinets

Our modern bathroom furniture cabinets are available in a variety of basins and faucets, and can be customized with silver mirrors. Our main style of this bathroom cabinet is simple and modern, which is intended to be simple and comfortable. We introduce German machines and provide professional technical guidance, exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance for every employee.
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modern bathroom furniture cabinets
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Zhejiang, China
Furniture customization

modern bathroom furniture cabinets

modern bathroom furniture cabinets

Product function

1. Ivory 1.2 m white marble countertop

2. Product material

The cabinet is made of Thai imported solid wood, and the selection of superior raw materials gives you a better shopping experience.

Wood art is an important element of ours. The solid wood raw materials are self-contained with fragrance and breathability. They have good anti-corrosion, solid and durable, and last for a long time.

3. Three storage spaces

Open storage space to meet your daily needs. High-grade 5mm float silver mirror, fine wood plate, waterproof and anti-corrosion, long life.

4. Marble countertops

A selection of high-quality marble countertops, ceramics in the inner pot, calcined at a temperature of 1280 degrees Celsius, sturdy and durable, no fading, no deformation.

5. Storage main cabinet, side cabinet

The open design makes it easier for you to pick and place items, reasonably classify storage, moisture and dust to better protect your items.

modern bathroom furniture cabinets

Manufacturing advantages:

Hangzhou Anbo Kitchenware Co., Ltd. has reached global strategic partnerships with world-renowned hardware accessories brands such as Blum, Häfele, Case BMW and the world's top environmentally friendly sheet brands, ensuring the perfection of furniture from sheet to endless.

modern bathroom furniture cabinets


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