Powerful Cleaning Dishwasher

Powerful Cleaning Dishwasher

Innovative three sets of vortex spray arms with powerful hydraulic pressure holes bring 360 degree washing. The cleaning process is more delicate than hand washing and there is no worry about the heavy dirt on your tableware.
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Product Details

Powerful cleaning Dishwasher's quick detail

Product size (mm)


Rated power input(microwave)


Water consumption


Energy Star rating

3 star

Water Star rating

4.5 star

Noise Level (dB(A))


Powerful cleaning Dishwasher's show

Innovative design of high speed hydraulic pressure holes

The jetting height can reach 3 meters when powerful hydraulic pressure holes spray with high speed. The oil stain on tableware can be easily removed with the help of high water pressure.


Innovative three sets of vortex spray arms

Three sets of vortex spray arms bring 360 degree spray. And the tableware can be washed from all directions. No heavy oil left.


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