Precise combustion control Gas Stove

Precise combustion control Gas Stove

•3 level of fire are allocated into 3 different heights; •High density of fire holes leading to stronger fire; •Flame out protection device to guarantee a safe operation; •Tempered glass panel particularly designed for easy cleaning and organizing; •Dull polished ceramic grill thoughtfully designed to prevent the slippery;
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Product Details

Precise combustion control Gas Stove's quick detail

roduct size (mm):


istallation size (mm):


leat flow(kW):

4.2x1, 2.2x1,1.6x2kw

lame failure device:


Precise combustion control Gas Stove's show

• 3 level of heights accompanied by three gradient fire rings;

• High density fire holes, efficient and "green";

• Accurately control different level of fire that brings joyful cooking to life;

• 0 delayed ignition;

• Flameout protection devices that can guard you and your family from trouble or incidents;

• Black crystal tempered glass panel that leaves oil stain nowhere to stay;

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