12 X 12 Kitchen Cabinets

The real texture of the film leather is connected with the real wood. After the surface is aged, it appears to be more textured and can be comparable with the real wood;
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Product Details

12 x 12 kitchen cabinets' quick detail


Apartment kitchens, Hotel kitchens, Office pantry, House 

kitchens etc

Door Material:

MDF, particle board, plywood(Hight moisture resistant)

Carcase Material:

MDF, particle board, plywood(Hight moisture resistant)

Countertop Material:


Door Surface treatment:

Veneer/ veneer painted/ lacquer/ PVC vinyl wrap/ laminate/ UV painted/ melamine


Drawer Basket, Drawer Slide, Faucet, Handle & Knob, Hinge, Lazy Susan Storage, Sink, Toe Kick, Waste Container

Countertop Edging:

Flat Edge/ Eased Edge/ Radius Beveled Edge


Shape fin, Aluminum handle


Hettich, Grasshopper.. soft closing


Corian stone/ Artificial Quartz/ Marble/ Granite


Custom made & modular


Contemporary/ modern/ farmhouse/ tropical/ Victorian/ Industrial


Various color for option

12 x 12 kitchen cabinets' show

 Door modelling contracted and fashionable, contain Nordic amorous feelings, white money door plank looks like soft and beautiful surface to contain grain feeling, dark gray door plank looks like firm and hard surface is exquisite like skin, just with soft union, bring us different vision and tactile feeling feeling;

The copper glass door modelling on condole ark is very simple, the ornament of copper color follows whole very build;

This handle matches the door panel very well, and both film and leather colors can be easily handled, making it a golden pen for the kitchen cabinet;

The two mesa with two kinds of different colors, different textures and different heights on the island are not very rare, which can meet the needs of operation table and also satisfy the function of breakfast table.

Selling points

1. In the space frame with the operator's use function, living habits as the entry point, the spatial function of the line to rearrange the unique planning, establish a comfortable aesthetic kitchen space;

2. MT3123 NORTON oak texture atmosphere, natural color, very good-looking, the overall feeling is a high-end temperament shape plate;

3. Iron frame is used as hutch ark in new-style material, hale quality of a material, waterproof and durable, beautiful and fashionable.



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