2 Colour Kitchen Cabinets

Simple door panel modeling, transverse door panel and longitudinal door panel combination, highlight the sense of hierarchy
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Product Details

2 colour kitchen cabinets' quick details

Carcase material

Particle board/ plywood/ MDF/ block board



Door finish

Acrylic/ lacquer/ UV/ PVC/ Melamine/ Laminate



Size & design

Customized & design

Quality character

Environment friendly, moisture-proof, heat-proof, scratch-proof


Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

2 colour kitchen cabinets' show

Door modelling contracted and fashionable, contain Nordic amorous feelings, white money door plank looks like soft and beautiful surface to contain grain feeling, dark gray door plank looks like firm and hard surface is exquisite like skin, just with soft union, bring us different vision and tactile feeling feeling;

The copper glass door modelling on condole ark is very simple, the ornament of copper color follows whole very build;

Amblem kitchen cabinet 29-60-15-04S

In the space frame with the operator's use function, living habits as the entry point, the spatial function of the line to rearrange the unique planning, establish a comfortable aesthetic kitchen space;

MT3123 NORTON oak texture atmosphere, natural color, very good-looking, the overall feeling is a high-end temperament shape plate;

Iron frame is used as hutch ark in new-style material, hale quality of a material, waterproof and durable, beautiful and fashionable.

Selling points

1. The real texture of the film leather is connected with the real wood. After the surface is aged, it appears to be more textured and can be comparable with the real wood;

2. Auxiliary materials, such as Roman Columns, lintel, decorative panels, wine cabinets, etc., are specially designed and tailored for them;

3. The practice of packet cigarette machine is more applicable to domestic kitchen, convenient do, increased part to store content space again;

4. Use a lot of glass door, let a kitchen look more full of life, no longer depressing, depressive.


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