30 X 30 Kitchen Cabinets

Melamine is quite popular in European countries, usually use MFC as base material, Amblem use native or imported MFC manufactured by shredding the wood grown in mountain into pieces which has fine quality of deformation proof and scratching resistance. The environment protection level can reach E0/E1 level which is very eco-friendly.
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Product Details

30 x 30 kitchen cabinets' quick detail

Carcase material

Particle board/ plywood/ MDF/ block board



Door finish

Acrylic/ lacquer/ UV/ PVC/ Melamine/ Laminate



Size & design

Customized & design

Quality character

Environment friendly, moisture-proof, heat-proof, scratch-proof


Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

30 x 30 kitchen cabinets' show

The door panel is simple and easy to do.PET laminating process, door plate with tiny dots, with environmental protection gorgeous high gloss wear resistant characteristics, will not volatile benzene, formaldehyde, dioxin and other harmful gases, through the fda food contact certification, suitable for high-end furniture and cabinets;

Advanced gray highlights the industrial style of steel and cement in the city, combined with some wood grain elements, smooth and tough products, making the city closer to the countryside, making the countryside more memorable for people in the city;

Selling points

1. Color and material material are given priority to with vitreous white, match with sedate brunet flesh texture wood grain board, this kind of collocation can reflect the style with contemporary extremely brief, can break the ice-cold feeling that material pledges gives a person again;

2. The design of modelling pattern distinguished before conventional cabinet put oneself in another position practice, the wooden grain part of island is lower than normal height of stage, the cut of mesa and bearing capacity can solve perfectly, float a department to allocate on traditional tea chair, can serve as temporary table and the place that drink tea to recall the past when the home;

3. Wood embossment board for the company's independent custom development, different from the traditional matting, texture board, custom steel plate to suppress, make the texture surface more tactile, scratch resistant, comparable to imported texture board;

4. Door plank of glass bake lacquer USES whole aluminous material to wrap edge, shake hands handle and package edge photograph are united in wedlock, integral sex is more unified.


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