Acrylic Sheet Kitchen Cabinet

Acrylic Sheet Kitchen Cabinet

Acrylic board kitchen cabinet adopts the latest acrylic material and wood board, the cabinet has no peculiar smell, low carbon, beautiful appearance, no cracking, and no deformation for a long time. A reasonable space configuration will make your kitchen more unique
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Product Details


1.Name of Goods:acrylic sheet kitchen cabinet

2.Item No: AMB928

3.Style: Modern



6.Pcaking: In cartons 

7.Payment:L/C or T/T

Basic configuration:

1. Acrylic cabinet door, environmentally simple

2. Acrylic wall cabinet,

3. Hinge: Standard imported Blum hinge

4. Countertop material: quartz stone

Acrylic Sheet Kitchen Cabinet

Acrylic Sheet Kitchen Cabinet

Company culture

Anbo, originated in the kitchen, is centered on the kitchen. The kitchen source + is derived from the boss's kitchen source, but we cover the life of the whole family, and at the same time integrate into the concept of Internet +, so the name of the kitchen source +.

Our kitchen source + experience hall, with an overall area of nearly 2,000 square meters, can be divided into front hall, main exhibition hall, whole house living hall, multi-function hall and negotiation area, etc., to meet different needs of meetings, receptions and training.

In 2016, we first proposed the concept of a kitchen and a life, many people do not know how to interpret.

5000 years ago, the industrious and intelligent Liangzhu people opened the civilization of the Chinese kitchen here;

In 1979, the hard-working bosses opened up the modern Chinese kitchen civilization;

In 2006, the boss group extended project - Anbo kitchen cabinet opened the door of the smart kitchen;

Anbo, as an extension of the boss group in the kitchen field, is a company specializing in high-end kitchen and home manufacturing. Anbo inherits the boss's unremitting pursuit of quality. Anbo is entrusted with the Group's ardent hope for us. Carrying the responsibility of building the Chinese people's own kitchen. Since its inception in 2006, we have carefully studied and studied hard and made great progress. Four years ago, we made great efforts and made great efforts to maintain sales growth of about 40% per year. In 2018, we made up our mind to open a new era of Anbo. . For 39 years, we have had an indissoluble bond with the kitchen. For 5,000 years, the kitchen has also condensed the rise and fall of Chinese families. Life, diet, collaboration, habits, emotions, growth, and celebrations are all performed one after another in this small kitchen. It is related to diet and is closely related to the diet.

Therefore, in Anbo's view, the kitchen is not only a home space, but also a huge carrier. It is the carrier of family members' daily diet, life, collaboration, communication, and emotions. Although the surface is only the household chores related to diet and diet, what is behind is the healthy diet, living habits, tacit understanding between family members, and whether there is a smooth and effective carrier for emotional communication; Anbo is trying to solve these problems. Carefully create a good kitchen that cares for life and reawakens the modern busy Chinese family: a meal with love, a happy home, a good life – this is the life of Anbo.

We hope that consumers can achieve five enjoyments in the Anbo kitchen: enjoy relaxed and fulfilling cooking; enjoy the fun of creation and cooking; enjoy the smart and convenient operation experience; enjoy the tacit exchange of emotions between family members; enjoy the beauty of fashion design .

This is the description of Anbo's philosophy of life and the understanding of Chinese kitchen culture.

Anbo kitchen cabinets are surrounded by four themes and eight kinds of life. With honest attitude, deep life perspective, leading kitchen function platform and life-thinking design, five life experiences in the kitchen are realized. life.

acrylic sheet kitchen cabinet


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