Blue Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

The blue acrylic kitchen cabinets are elegant and fresh, with a comfortable and stylish feel. Scientifically designed to increase the storage space inside the cabinet, you can store a large number of kitchen utensils in the cabinet. We use high-density wood panels and have a strong load-bearing capacity.
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Color:Bule/Custom color

Packing detals:Flat Packing 

Payment terms:L/C or T/T

Shipment:By sea

Accessories details

Accessories details

Accessories details

Quality Assurance:

Craftsmanship - Excellent- material

Replace cabinet board with cabinet door

The Anbo cabinet has undergone two upgrades, from the original universal cabinet board to the more rigorous special membrane press cabinet to the now tougher and sturdy door panel material (also more expensive), with four sides. Process.

Accessories details:

Accessories details

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