Kitchen Cabinet The Golden Danube

Kitchen Cabinet The Golden Danube

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Carcase material




Door finish




Size & design

Customized & design

Quality character

Environment friendly, moisture-proof, heat-proof, scratch-proof


Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

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he real texture of the film leather is connected with the real wood. After the surface is aged, it appears to be more textured and can be comparable with the real wood;

 In the space frame with the operator's use function, living habits as the entry point, the spatial function of the line to rearrange the unique planning, establish a comfortable aesthetic kitchen space;

olor and material material are given priority to with vitreous white, match with sedate brunet flesh texture wood grain board, this kind of collocation can reflect the style with contemporary extremely brief, can break the ice-cold feeling that material pledges gives a person again;

New door board material -- 3mm ultra-thin rock board, imported from Spain, returns to natural texture and soft luster, ultra-high hardness, can be arbitrarily used iron nails or knife edge scratch on the surface of rock board, without any trace, high temperature resistance, does not contain organic materials, its fire resistance to high temperature has been identified by A1 fire standard;

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