Kitchen Cabinets 18 Deep

the modern style of home design is simple and not simple, stylish and elegant, with postmodern classic design elements, the space is decorated deep, elegant and spiritual
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Product Details

kitchen cabinets 18 deep's qucik detail

Carcase material

Particle board/ plywood/ MDF/ block board



Door finish

Acrylic/ lacquer/ UV/ PVC/ Melamine/ Laminate



Size & design

Customized & design

Quality character

Environment friendly, moisture-proof, heat-proof, scratch-proof


Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

kitchen cabinets 18 deep's show

The collocation that imports whole board and JinLang lacquer, door plank color diversification, not drab, take a different city to feel.Door panels can be selective large, can be taken in addition to solid wood and membrane pressure outside the different material collocation;

The cabinet is equipped with spring-open hinge fittings, which can automatically open the cabinet door with a touch, making the switch more convenient.Due to the adsorption function of its hinges, there is no need to worry about the cabinet door without a good pop-up situation;

JinLang paint: an upgrade of PET film piano paint, piano paint is based on unsaturated polyester resin paint, which consists of four components: polyester resin, accelerator, initiator, paraffin solution.The paint is solvent-free paint, can get a thick coating, good adhesion, common acid base, alcohol, tea and other liquids, with excellent corrosion resistance.Have extremely high adornment function.The film is extremely bright, plump, hard, wear-resistant and has good adhesion.


Q: How many cabinets can be put into a 40HC container?

A: As for Ready-To-Assemble(RTA) cabinet, we can put 800pcs. If it’s assembled in the factory, we can put 200 pcs.


Q: What’s the wood material you’re using?

A: We have big material inventory of Oak. Birch, Beech, Rubber wood and Bamboo. We can also work on PVC, Melamine and HPL orders for our customers.


Q: can you manufacture frameless cabinets?

A: In addition to US standard framed cabinet line. We manufacture frameless cabinets each month.


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