Kitchen Cabinets Black

Kitchen Cabinets Black

Our kitchen cabinets black are imported from panels and combined. The EU standard of the E1 level is environmentally healthy. Multi-layer solid wood, waterproof cabinet with good bearing capacity, strict structure, fireproof and wear-resistant, not easy to deform and corrosion resistant.
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Product Details

kitchen cabinets black

Cabinet brand: Amblem

Model: AMB3767

Style: Modern

Shape: L shape

Countertop material: quartz stone

Door material: Molded plate

Cabinet material: multi-layer solid wood board

Length: 1 meter

Warranty duration: 5 years

Platen thickness: 15mm

Cabinet environmental protection level: E1

kitchen cabinets black

Quality Assurance:

1. Separate cabinet, securely installed

The whole set of cabinets and other cabinets will affect the fastness. It is necessary to ask this when purchasing the whole cabinet. The service life and stability of the two are 2-3 times different, and the cost difference is more than 10%.

2. Multi-layer solid wood mat

The countertop is made of multi-layer solid wood mats, which can extend the service life of the countertop and protect the countertop from cracking.

3. Imported molded plate

Reasonable matching, make the cabinet more beautiful

The molded plate is an odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent, colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastic. The molded plate is more malleable and its colorless features can be painted with your favorite color. We use natural non-polluting PVC film, and the color of wood grain is realistic and three-dimensional.

kitchen cabinets black

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kitchen cabinets black


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