Kitchen Cabinets Green

Kitchen Cabinets Green

The biggest feature of the green cabinet is the fresh color vision, which makes people feel like they are in the forest, feel the beauty of nature, and the natural wood fragrance emitted by the green cabinet is a highlight. Imported solid wood door panels, Austrian Blum hinges, a variety of combinations and options.
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Product Details

Kitchen Cabinets Green's Product Details

Cabinet brand: Amblem

Model: AMB4874

Style: simple and modern

Countertop material: quartz stone

Door material: other

Cabinet material: other

Length: 1 meter

Warranty duration: 5 years

Platen thickness: 18mm

Cabinet environmental protection level: E1.

Kitchen Cabinets Green's Show

kitchen cabinets green

About delivery time

All of Amblem's furniture is custom made and requires receipt of the relevant documents after receiving the quotation in order to arrange for the factory to produce. We will negotiate with you about the size and design, and the production cycle will be affected by the size and quantity as well as other large orders.

kitchen cabinets green

About measurement and production

We have stores and production plants in China. Welcome to visit our company. Please contact us for specific styles and requirements.

kitchen cabinets green


Q: How is production process constructed?

A: 1.stock material warehouse(we normally have 3 months in stock for material)

2. wood preparation workshop

3. Door front manufacturing workshop

4. Cabinet carcass manufacturing workshop

5. Painting stain workshop

6. Package workshop


Q: How do you control the quality of production? How to keep the goods consistence for each shipment?

A: we have quality control department and the manager is our vice-president. Each workshop has on site Q/C to check the product quality full time for each order. Each shipment has the recorder sample and information of color. Door profile. Construction for next shipment comparison to meet the consistence.


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