Kitchen Cabinets Grey

Kitchen Cabinets Grey

The quality of the gray cabinet is our attention. It uses high-quality raw materials, hard wood, fine texture, strong stability, wear resistance, good water resistance and very low aging. Our cabinet board is E1 advanced. The wood is covered with quartz stone countertops and has a beautiful appearance.
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Product Details

Kitchen Cabinets Grey

Product Name:

color: grey

Size: support customization

Material: solid wood / high density board / custom

Packing: carton packaging, plus wood frame

Transportation: Ocean fortune

kitchen cabinets grey

Kitchen Cabinets Grey's material details

1. Imported Austrian Blum hinge

The international top brand Austria Blum's resistance hinge creates a quiet and silent home environment. After 300,000 opening and closing tests, it is resistant to corrosion and rust, and the switch door has a resistance to the hydraulic system.

kitchen cabinets grey

2. Anti-fouling quartz stone countertop

Anti-fouling and wear-resistant quartz stone countertops, high temperature, radiation resistance, scratch resistance, even if it is practical for many years, it will not break environmental protection without any side effects.

kitchen cabinets grey

3. Solid wood material selection

The solid wood is closer to nature and has a natural and clear texture.

Company information

1. we specialize in home furniture for many years, including bedroom furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, etc. (bookcase, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, shoe cabinet, bathroom vanity, computer desk and so on)

2. We are confident in our products and take pride of competitive price and high quality, we have our own factory. We can supply you product which have high cost performance with good price.


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