Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The biggest advantage of oak cabinets is the material, the hinges and the slide rails, which not only realize the function of detail, but also the weight of the door and drawer independently. Guarantee the service life of derailment.
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Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Name of commodity:oak kitchen cabinets
Article No. :AMB8276


Time of delivery:20-40days after reciept of L/C 

oak kitchen cabinets

Oak Kitchen Cabinets advantage

1. The wood of oak furniture is relatively hard, the stability is relatively strong, the texture is relatively clear, and the furniture made is durable and simple. The furniture made is very high-grade, especially suitable for European furniture. It is also very high-grade in the home, and the wood grain is clear and beautiful. It is a charming person in the furniture.

2. The oak structure is thick, the color is light and elegant, and it is wear-resistant. A large number of materials such as decoration, furniture, flooring, etc. are all made of oak. It has a wide range of practicality, strong water absorption and corrosion resistance. The quality of solid wood furniture made with it is very good. Very strong, long service life and preservation value.

3. Oak furniture is woody and its preciousness is comparable to that of mahogany furniture.

4. Oak can be harmoniously combined with metal and glass to highlight its fashionable and avant-garde feeling.

5. Because of the small amount of oak in the country, the relative price of oak furniture is relatively high. The hard texture of oak furniture is actually its shortcoming, so the moisture in the furniture is not easy to dry completely, and it is more prone to decay after a long time. It is a very good material for making furniture, and its appearance is unique and beautiful.

6. Oak furniture is made of oak. Oak is prolific in the northern hemisphere and there are very few high quality oaks in the country. As a result, many high-end oak furniture can only be processed through imported oak channels, thus resulting in higher prices for domestic oak furniture.

oak kitchen cabinets

Packing & delivery

Packing details: Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

Delivery details: According to the quantity.

1. foam thickness 15mm at bottom

2. Foam fills the gap

3. PE foam separates panels

4. The corners are protected with cardboard and 20mm foam

5. Complete package

6. Delivery


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