Level 1 Kitchen Cabinets

a lot of white baking paint is used in the sample. The overall feeling is bright and simple but elegant. The open lattice of utopia wood is interspersed with it, adding many bright colors to the overall effect
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Product Details

level 1 kitchen cabinets' quick detail

Carcase material

Particle board/ plywood/ MDF/ block board



Door finish

Acrylic/ lacquer/ UV/ PVC/ Melamine/ Laminate



Size & design

Customized & design

Quality character

Environment friendly, moisture-proof, heat-proof, scratch-proof


Standard export packing. As buyer’s request, normal carton package, five layers exported flat carton with poly foam inside or mail order package.

level 1 kitchen cabinets' show

Wood embossment board for the company's independent custom development, different from the traditional matting, texture board, custom steel plate to suppress, make the texture surface more tactile, scratch resistant, comparable to imported texture board;

Door plank of glass bake lacquer USES whole aluminous material to wrap edge, shake hands handle and package edge photograph are united in wedlock, integral sex is more unified.

Amblem kitchen cabinet 29-60-15-03S

Color and material material are given priority to with vitreous white, match with sedate brunet flesh texture wood grain board, this kind of collocation can reflect the style with contemporary extremely brief, can break the ice-cold feeling that material pledges gives a person again;


Q: Do you sell cabinets to your domestic market?

A: All of our cabinets are exported to foreign markets now that US & Canada are our main markets.


Q: How is production process constructed?

A: 1.stock material warehouse(we normally have 3 months in stock for material)

2. wood preparation workshop

3. Door front manufacturing workshop

4. Cabinet carcass manufacturing workshop

5. Painting stain workshop

6. Package workshop


Q: How do you control the quality of production? How to keep the goods consistence for each shipment?

A: we have quality control department and the manager is our vice-president. Each workshop has on site Q/C to check the product quality full time for each order. Each shipment has the recorder sample and information of color. Door profile. Construction for next shipment comparison to meet the consistence.


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