Kitchen Cabinets White

Kitchen Cabinets White

The soul of the kitchen cabinets white is wood. We use elegant white as the main color, which is simple and comfortable. Natural wood creates a healthier kitchen environment that enhances the taste of home life. The main cabinet is convenient for storing items, and the space occupied is small, which makes life more convenient.
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Product Details

Product parameters

Countertop material:
 quartz stone
Cabinet material: 
Door material:
 Molded plate
Warranty duration:
 5 years
Platen thickness: 

kitchen cabinets white

Cabinet component

1. Wall cabinet:

Convenient for the pick and place of things, do not bend over to take things, do not occupy the floor space, can increase the storage space of the kitchen,

2. Ground cabinet:

The floor cabinet contains cooking area, washing area, etc. It has considerable load-bearing capacity, and the layout is strictly rigorous. It is highly ergonomic.

kitchen cabinets white

Channel advantage:

Hangzhou Anbo Co., Ltd. has completed a strategic partnership with real estate companies such as Wanye, Kaisa, Forte, Country Garden and Road Jin. Exported to the United States, Canada, Australia and other developed countries in Europe and America. Initially achieved the goal of global brand coverage.

kitchen cabinets white


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