20 Beautiful And Stylish Cabinet Colors, Just Install The Cabinet

- Nov 21, 2020-

The color of the cabinet is really not easy to choose. Most families will choose white directly, and it is also recommended to choose white for small spaces, which will make the space larger.

But there are still many people who don't like the same and want different color schemes, but they often regret after making the cabinets. They think what color should be chosen at the beginning, and found 20 super amazing cabinet colors to share for your reference. Remember to collect it, you will definitely need it in the future!

The first paragraph: wood color + white

The home is partial to log style or Japanese style, the cabinet color can choose wood color + white, which is more refreshing than pure wood color, and more special than pure white, which is very suitable for young people.

The second paragraph: warm gray + white

This color scheme is chosen by many young families. It is suitable for matching with Nordic or simple American style. According to different designs, it can be fashionable or exquisite.

The third paragraph: blue + white

There are many kinds of blue in the Pantone color card. This blue is not the kind of dazzling blue, but it has a sense of depth and refinement from the deep sea. You can choose white for the countertop, which can add to the space. "Highlight" effect. It is recommended that you fancy the color you want to make, and you must compare the color card to confirm the color when customizing, so as to ensure the similar effect.

The fourth paragraph: black

Thick black cabinets are rare. Choose this heavy color. The kitchen is best to be open. The countertop can be wood or white. In addition, the light in the kitchen area must be good, otherwise it will be very depressing.

The fifth paragraph: dry rose + white

Dry rose color is really a very beautiful color, very special, of course it is not easy to control. If it is matched with white, the overall is very good. Choose this color, and the cabinet shape must not be complicated. It will waste this color. A simple flat panel can show its advanced level. .

The sixth paragraph: blue + wood color

Very stylish business style color matching, more suitable for larger spaces or open kitchens, the door panel shape should be simple and generous, the simpler the more advanced, you can install hidden handles.

The seventh paragraph: bean green + white

This color card is called Eden Green on the Pantone color card. It has a nice name. It can be made of solid wood and molded in similar colors. With white fashion and clean, it can give people a refreshing experience.

The eighth paragraph: fruit pink

It has a rose gold feel, a very bold color, and there are not many families to choose from. With golden handles, it is retro and stunning.

The ninth paragraph: black + wood color

Suitable for modern style, black is more fashionable with a small part of the original wood color. It is also recommended to consider this deep color scheme only in open spaces.

Section 10: Lake Blue

Lake blue is paired with white as the main color, and the door panel shape is simple, which can make the space stylish and clean. The color of the cabinets that jump out of the color will not look good and lose the beauty.

The eleventh paragraph: dark green

Dark green is not common, but it is actually very suitable for Nordic style. It also needs a space with better light to have a very good visual effect and texture.

The twelfth paragraph: dry rose + gray

The dry rose paired with dark gray is also a very cool color system. The contrast is obvious. It is suitable for modern-style homes. A good match will match the taste and it is a color with great connotation.

The thirteenth paragraph: gray + wood color

It is more suitable for the Nordic style. Gray is matched with wood color. The overall color is cool, but the wood color can add life to the space and make the space warmer.

The fourteenth paragraph: dark blue + white

Dark blue and white can be used in the American mix and match style. The lower cabinet door is made of simple shapes. The wall cabinet is made of white glass doors. The contrast between dark blue and white is very strong. The overall presentation will be very clean. If the lighting is better, the space The feeling will be brighter.

Item 15: Dark Green + Fruit Powder

The color scheme can be selected in Nordic style or mix and match style. It is very playful. The dark green has a retro feel. Even if the color jumps, it will not make people feel exaggerated. On the contrary, it gives a very quiet and well-behaved feeling. It is matched with pink and some small parts. Color blocks can make the kitchen look lively and cute.

The sixteenth paragraph: grass green + gray

Grass green + off-white is a very clean and refreshing color. Both open and closed kitchens can be used. This set of color combinations will make the space look very young, and green will make the home look more vital.

Item Seventeen: Log Color + Silver Gray Coffee Color

Advanced color matching but not too cold, suitable for modern and simple style, color matching for both open and closed cabinets.

Item 18: Silver gray

It is very suitable for Nordic style or modern simplicity, with a high cool color system. It is recommended to place more green plants to ease the cool color of the furniture.

Item Nineteen: Dark Blue

More majestic colors, suitable for large American-style kitchens, not suitable for small kitchens.

Item 20: Light Green

The cool light green can be matched with black or natural wood color. It is suitable for modern style. It is suitable for small kitchens and large kitchens. The shape of the door panel should be as simple as possible, and the handle can also be hidden.

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