4 Steps To Install The Bathroom Cabinet

- Mar 02, 2020-

1、 Determine the location of bathroom cabinet

Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to determine the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. As the installation of the bathroom cabinet requires punching holes in the wall, and there need to be two holes, the water inlet hole and the drainage hole. Once installed, it can not be changed at will, so it is very important to confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. In order to avoid mistakes, the designer should design all the bathrooms in the bathroom in advance The position of the sanitary ware to avoid errors during installation.

2、 See the layout of water and electricity pipelines clearly

Because the electric drill is needed to drill holes on the wall during installation, and the water pipe and electric wire pipe are laid on the wall of the toilet. Before drilling, it is necessary to confirm the layout of the pipeline diagram and the circuit diagram. If the water pipe or electric wire line is broken, it is necessary to knock off the tile for maintenance, which will cause unnecessary losses.

3、 Height of bathroom cabinet

The installation height of the bathroom cabinet must also be paid attention to. The standard installation height of the general bathroom cabinet is 80-85cm, which can be calculated from the floor tile to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific installation height needs to be determined according to the height and use habits of family members, but the height of the bathroom cabinet cannot be less than 80cm, which is the best in a certain height range. In addition, when installing the bathroom cabinet, the bottom should be provided with a moisture-proof board to avoid the excessive water vapor on the ground affecting the normal use of the bathroom cabinet.

4、 Installation of main cabinet

When installing the wall mounted bath cabinet, it is necessary to select the location of the hole, drill the hole on the wall with the impact drill, install the plug in the wall mounted accessories into the hole, and then use the self tapping screw to lock the cabinet and the wall. The expansion bolt can also be used for installation. The installation method is the same, and the brick hole needs to be drilled with impact first. After the cabinet is installed, align the basin with the wood of the cabinet, adjust and level it. When installing the floor bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to screw the cabinet foot component on the fixed piece through the double head screw, and then lay the cabinet flat and put it in a proper position, so as to make the cabinet foot close to the outside as far as possible, so as to make the whole cabinet evenly stressed.

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