Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Materials Bathroom Cabinets

- Jan 05, 2019-

1, stainless steel bathroom cabinet

The main component of stainless steel is alloy of nickel and chrome. It is made of stainless steel plate such as 202, 201. The surface of stainless steel plate is processed without fingerprints. It can ensure that the touch does not leave traces during use and it is easy to take care of. . High-quality stainless steel is very small in magnetic properties and cannot be easily changed by the magnetite. This can be a method of identifying stainless steel.

Advantages: moisture proof, mildew proof, waterproof and rustproof, durable, green.

Disadvantages: Due to material limitations, the cabinet is thin and practical.


2, PVC bathroom cabinet

PVC bathroom cabinets are made of polyvinyl chloride and other materials, high-density double-skinning process PVC sheet. The process uses a planing groove and a six-sided one-piece molding. The appearance of the PVC bathroom cabinet is more delicate and detailed, and the structure is also more tight.

Advantages: strong waterproof performance, high hardness, scratch resistance, high density and durability.

Disadvantages: It belongs to chemical sheet, the content of formaldehyde is high, the material is soft, the hinge connection part of the cabinet door is easy to loose, the rebound elasticity is poor, the temperature is high, and the color is easy to change.


3, solid wood bathroom cabinet

The material of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is a cabinet made of solid wood treated by distillation and dehydrated, and processed through N-way waterproof treatment process. Its characteristics are natural, simple, elegant and luxurious, which can fully reflect the master's grade and identity. After many waterproofing processes and baking finishes, the waterproof performance is very good. High-end brands will use American imported oak to try to create the top solid wood bathroom furniture that blends nature, elegance, fashion, art, dignity and technology.

Advantages: natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, revealing the beauty of nature and originality.

Disadvantages: If the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry, so use a damp cotton rag to maintain a lot of water inside or outside the cabinet.