Amber Creates The Urban Starry Sky In The Kitchen

- Sep 29, 2020-

In 1960, SieMatic launched the world's first series of cabinets without handles, opening a new chapter in the history of cabinets without handles. Adhering to the SieMatic design concept, Amber presents this City-Country set with no handles, kitchenware, and industrial style, integrating opposing elements into one, not closed, not just.

City-Country accepts three themes and six series at the same time. It contains vitality, simplicity, romance, naturalism, intellectualism, and refinement.

Design concept: The urban starry sky shows a new design plan, and incorporates the characteristics of the times to achieve a new overall design. Warm and comfortable, young and full of energy.

Product theme: "City" here represents a straight line and minimalism. "Country" refers to rural, natural, and a little nostalgic feeling.

City Star Kitchen Cabinet

Sunshine Kitchen Cabinet

Its door panels are shaped like tiny silver dots, like stars in the night sky. It uses urban design style to make products. It is intended that people working hard in urban life will drive home every night and walk after overtime. I can see the starry sky at night when I look up, just as bright as those stars in my childhood memories in the countryside.

The color of the urban starry sky is high-grade gray, which highlights the industrial style of the steel and cement in the city. With some wood grain elements, the smoothness of the product makes the city closer to the countryside, and the countryside is even more missed by the city people.

3Kitchen Cabinet Meet Seattle

Kitchen Cabinet West Coast

Many areas of the shape are open, so that the daily necessities in the kitchen are displayed, in addition to being transparent, they are also very good decorations, so that the kitchen space is no longer closed. Open grids and islands allow tough elements to be added, such as stainless steel shelf racks and stainless steel round tube racks, which embellish the product.

The minimalist design, high-grade gray and solid wood frame, add a warm feeling to the sense of the times, independent and confident without losing knowledge and calmness.

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