Cabinet Cabinet Decoration Should Pay Attention To The Problem

- Oct 15, 2018-

The same action repeated has been struggling and fighting, and after a few years, I want to have a foothold in this strange city, can protect me from the wind and rain, and finally have a little savings this year. I am also very satisfied with a small apartment with a size of 89m2. As a decoration white, I don’t know where to start. Everyone knows that the main furniture in the kitchen is the cabinet. I don’t know the building materials market before I decorate it. How many times have I turned around and how many times I have seen it? I know that many people in the home decoration will choose the whole cabinet. Finally, I decided to choose the whole cabinet. Let’s take a look at the overall cabinet decoration precautions:

Note 1: Brand

We often see reports of all kinds, and many people blindly go to buy some products because of the strength of the brand. This theory does not apply. We should not follow the mainstream of the products. It is best to choose the right one. Remember to look at the test report and other information after the cabinet is finished.

Note 2: the price

If you are still immersed in the temptation of price, people are often very conscious. At this time, we should insist on wise and reasonable purchase. We must believe that low-priced cabinets often have too many defects.

Note 3: Plate quality

Before buying cabinets, I would like to first understand what the common plates used to make the whole cabinets are, what are the differences, which ones are better, or bring the relatives and friends who have experience to help me choose, not only Follow the salesperson's thoughts, and it is our own.

Note 4: Hardware accessories

There are also hardware accessories in the cabinet. The hardware accessories are one of the important components of the cabinet. Its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the quality and service life of the cabinet.

Note 5: After-sales service

After-sales service is the most indispensable. We can't guarantee that there is no problem in purchasing everything. Therefore, we must know the after-sales service of the company while purchasing the whole cabinet. This will also make you feel at ease, and the valid documents for purchasing cabinets must be kept. Well, it is a weapon of rights protection.