Chairman Ma And His Delegation From Zhejiang Furniture Association Visited The Company

- Apr 07, 2020-

On March 18, 2020, chairman Ma of Zhejiang Furniture Association and his team came to Anbo company to learn about the overall production and operation of the company after the epidemic. Mr. Shen bin, general manager of Anbo kitchenware warmly received Chairman Ma and his team.

President Shen first reported to President Ma that during the epidemic, the company actively and effectively protected and prevented the epidemic, and carried out normal work and production under the condition of ensuring the safety of the company's employees. President Ma recognized and appreciated the company's positive response measures in the face of the epidemic;

After that, Mr. Shen led Mr. Ma and his party to visit the four production workshops of the company, introduced each production process and technology of the products in detail. Mr. Ma expressed high recognition and praise for the production technology and advanced production equipment of the company, concerned about the impact of the outbreak on the production and sales of the company, and gave constructive guidance.

In the second stop, Mr. Shen led Mr. Ma and his party to visit the product exhibition hall of Anbo kitchen cabinet, showing the fashionable and high-end kitchen cabinet of Anbo and the customized home decoration design scheme of the whole house. Mr. Ma and his party carefully watched the finished home decoration design scheme of Anbo and gave a high appraisal.

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