Choice Of Bathroom Cabinet

- Jan 01, 2020-

At present, the most common bathroom cabinets on the market

Solid wood

Advantages: high grade, good texture, generally solid wood as the base material, paint surface treatment, 99% of the material is rubber wood.

The solid wood bathroom cabinet is generally used to manufacture the high-grade cabinet technology of American, European and French styles

Class PVC cabinet

PVC material finish, through the thermoplastics process and moisture-proof board density board sealed together as a cabinet to make bathroom cabinet.

Advantages: rich color, good moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, good cleaning, low price. There is only one disadvantage: the plastic texture is too cheap, and the color will always turn yellow after a long time.

MDF cabinet

MDF can be divided into many kinds, mainly including base material and surface material. The base material determines the moisture-proof performance and the surface material determines the decoration effect. There are multi-layer solid wood veneers and high-density boards + melamine veneers.

In fact, MDF is the most widely used way in modern style products. Because this kind of process has a high degree of freedom and can be made at a high cost or at a low cost, there are quite a proportion of MDF cabinets in the product structure of toto, Lejia, Duravit and other brands. Generally do modern simple, Nordic, minimalist, Muji Japanese style and other styles, you can choose this material bathroom cabinet. The core is that the shape is simple, with a good finish will have a good texture. In fact, the cost is cheaper than that of solid wood.

In addition to the three most common types, there are other bathroom cabinets of course. For example, glass, resin, stainless steel and so on.

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