Classification Of Range Hoods

- Dec 23, 2019-

1、 Top mounted range hood

Ceiling type range hood can be used in most family kitchens, except that the ceiling of the kitchen is too low. And the top pumping unit has a high cost performance, which has become the priority of most families.

2、 Side suction range hood

The side suction range hood is small in size, which can be applied to any kitchen structure, and the side suction range hood is beautiful and generous, which is very suitable for European style family use.

3、 Integrated cooker

The integrated stove is very popular in today's social development, because it is beautiful in design, clean and free of lampblack and does not occupy too much space.

4、 Chinese range hood

It is mainly divided into the old shallow deep suction range hoods, especially the shallow suction ones. It is a common exhaust fan, which directly discharges the lampblack to the outside.