Cleaning And Maintenance Of Different Parts Of Cupboard

- Feb 11, 2020-

Cleaning and maintenance of cupboard door

1. Cleaning: generally, the cabinet door panel can be cleaned with some soluble detergent, except for the paint door panel. It should be noted that benzene solvent and resin solvent can not be used as panel cleaner.

2. Maintenance: the solid wood cabinet door should be cleaned and maintained with water wax, but the crystal door can only be wiped with warm water or neutral detergent with flannelette. Cabinet mesa needs to make water blocking board, so as to avoid the water on the mesa to soak the door panel, or mildew and deformation will occur.

Cleaning and maintenance of cabinet

1. The load-bearing capacity of the cupboard is general, so it can only store the lighter items such as seasoning cans or glasses. The objects with large volume and weight are suitable for the ground cabinet.

2. No matter kitchenware or hardware, they should be wiped and cleaned with dry cloth to avoid water marks caused by water stains left in the cabinet, or even damage the cabinet body.

Cleaning and maintenance of cupboard

1. Natural stone table need to use soft cloth, and can not be wiped with toluene detergent. After the scale is removed, it is not allowed to use dilute hydrochloric acid with strong acidity, etc. otherwise, the glaze will be damaged and the table surface will lose luster.

2. Artificial stone or stainless steel table top can only be wiped with soft towel or soft cleaning cloth with water or brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches with other hard steel balls.

3. For the cabinet made of fireproof board, it can be cleaned with general household cleaner, then wiped with nylon brush, then wiped with damp and hot cloth, and finally wiped with dry cloth.

4. The kitchen cabinet can only be cleaned with feather duster, and then dry towel is used to wipe the special latex for log maintenance. Avoid using wet cloth and oil cleaning agent. Otherwise, the table will be drumming because of moisture.

5. The kitchen should avoid hot pot, hot kettle and colored gas liquid as well as cabinet table top, which will leave scalding marks or stains, difficult to clean.