Customized Wardrobe Pest Control Tips

- Nov 10, 2018-

The clothes are cleaned and all the clothes need to be carefully cleaned before being stored in the cabinet and dried. Even chemical fiber and cotton-spun fabrics that are not susceptible to insects should be cleaned before storage.

Use a brush to clean thoroughly. If you don't wear a coat, if you don't want to clean it (may be more expensive to clean, and frequent cleaning will also damage the clothes.), you can try the old and effective method: find a good weather with a bright sun Brush the coat carefully with a brush. The neckline and the seams of the clothes should be brushed. This method can effectively identify eggs and larvae. The coat should be exposed to the sun for a few hours in the sun.

According to the classification and storage method, mites and mites can penetrate a tightly closed wardrobe. Therefore, if you want to store wool products, it is best to use plastic boxes and plastic bags. Cotton products can be rolled up to prevent shrinkage. When storing clothes in plastic containers, be careful to replace the containers regularly, because plastic products are not breathable, and some plastics will affect the quality of the fibers over time.

Choose a reasonable way, the details of the clothing of different materials are different when you store. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the fabric when storing clothes. But one thing is common to all fabrics: clean helps prevent smashing.

Guangdong custom-made wardrobes made of anti-cork wood and anti-cork wood made of natural materials will not damage the fabric fibers. But the coffin can't know the beetle of the blanket, and it can only kill the larvae of the aphids, and can't kill the eggs and adults. It is best to use a eucalyptus wardrobe. Just clean the clothes and put them on. Clothing can be wrapped in a clean cotton cloth and stored in a cabinet.