Design Method Of Wardrobe

- Dec 07, 2019-

The members of each family are different, some are two family, some are three family, some have old parents, some have children, wardrobe is an essential furniture in life, and each kind of people have different needs for it. Therefore, when designing the wardrobe at home, consumers should fully consider the composition of family members.

For the elderly parents at home, they stack more clothes, usually less hanging pieces, so when designing the overall wardrobe, we should consider making more layers and drawers. However, due to the poor physical condition of the elderly, it is not suitable to climb up or squat down. The drawers in the wardrobe should not be placed at the bottom, and should be about 1 m from the ground.

For the children in the living room, children's clothes usually have fewer hanging pieces, more stacking, and children's toys and other factors. Therefore, when designing the overall wardrobe, we should consider a large all-in-one cabinet. Only the hanging pieces on the upper layer and the empty ones on the lower layer can make the children open the cabinet door at any time to pick up and store toys, so as to meet the children's fun mentality.

For the young couples in the living room, their clothes are diversified. In the design of the overall wardrobe, the left and right sides are generally designed separately, and men and women each have a space. The hangers in the whole wardrobe are usually divided into long and short layers to store coats and tops respectively. Shirts can also be placed in independent small drawers or shelves, which will not be wrinkled and unsightly because too many clothes are squeezed together. The underwear, tie and socks can be used with a special small lattice, which is not only conducive to clothing maintenance, but also more intuitive and convenient.

In a word, although the customization of the overall wardrobe has become the mainstream product in the modern home decoration market, it not only has low requirements on the space size and shape of the room, but also can add many personality elements of the living room, but in the customization process of the overall wardrobe, consumers must design according to the population composition structure in the living room.