Difference Between Customized Furniture And Whole Wood Customized Home

- Nov 15, 2019-

The concept of whole wood customization has become popular in recent years. It reflects the upgrading of home decoration consumption and has profound significance for the change and development of the industry. For Xiaobai, they don't know what the whole wood customization means?

What is the meaning of whole wood customization

1. Whole wood customization refers to the combination of wood products required for home decoration, which can provide consumers with a whole set of whole style solutions for real wood products more conveniently.

2. The range of whole wood customization includes wooden doors, dado boards, cabinets, wine cabinets, wardrobes and tatami, etc., all of which have the same characteristics of wood. The product positioning is relatively high-end, which can show luxurious and atmospheric decoration effect. It is suitable for villas, mansions, manors, clubs, etc.

3. The whole wood customization is mainly reflected in the Chinese decoration, which can better show the style characteristics and form a complete system. Whole wood home is like a building materials supermarket, which provides consumers with one-stop service, which can save time, heart and effort to purchase.

Whole house Customization: as the name implies, it is the enterprise to create personalized and exclusive home space according to the design requirements of consumers. It is a scientific and perfect furniture that integrates consumers' preferences for color, material, appearance and space size. The real meaning of "customization" is not only the production of furniture style, but also the customization of design, layout, production process, logistics and other aspects.

Difference between whole wood customization and whole house customization

1. Scope difference the scope of whole wood customization is the wood furniture in the home, including wooden doors, dado boards, cabinets, wine cabinets, wardrobes and tatami, etc. the category is relatively limited, while the scope of whole house customization is broader, including the furniture of various materials such as overall wardrobe, overall bookcase, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, walk-in cloakroom, wall wardrobe, overall furniture, etc Soft installation, electrical appliances, etc.

2. Grade difference the grade of whole wood customization is higher than that of whole house customization, because the materials used are relatively high-end, mostly pure log structure, with the texture and texture of natural wood, creating a luxurious and atmospheric furniture style. And the whole house customization contains a relatively wide range of content, which will not make every detail exquisite!