How Many Design Styles Can TV Cabinet Have?

- Jan 09, 2020-

In the inherent mode of thinking, the TV cabinet should be square. In fact, although it is the presentation of several aspects, it does not hinder the implantation of creativity.

Cabinet type

As the basic version of TV cabinet, the floor cabinet design is simple and practical, suitable for living room space of various areas. Neat lines outline the simple shape, simple but not simple; large capacity storage design with flexible and light cabinet makes it the most practical and reasonable choice.

Suspension type

The shape is the same as the ground cabinet, but the attached place is transferred from the ground to the wall, thus creating a more concrete sense of space and hierarchy. Its design is divided into two types: closed and open. Different shapes can always bring different decoration effects to the space.

Diaphragm type

In the form of partition instead of the original cabinet design, the TV cabinet has a different presentation effect. Whether it is a simple parallel arrangement or a staggered arrangement with clear layers, they are trying to maintain a balanced and elegant beauty and present the moving place after creativity.

Partition type

The design of TV cabinet is not unchangeable. The integration of partition concept and cabinet body is a unique creative display. The upper layer is constructed as a whole in the form of a fence, which is formed by the combination of cabinets below. Such a presentation effect can achieve multi-functional integration, and also give a new visual impression to the TV cabinet.

Connection type

Connected design, with the ground cabinet as the carrier, and the surrounding furniture for fusion. In addition to ensuring the functional display of its foundation, it has injected different aesthetic ideas, thus forming a smooth line and unique artwork.

Embedded system

The embedded design method takes space saving as the consideration standard and makes use of the advantages of the wall to build a more practical TV cabinet. This kind of design idea is suitable for practical use in small space, so as to highlight the ideal idea of design.

Combined type

The ground cabinet + bucket cabinet + hanging cabinet + vertical cabinet + partition board are presented after assembling, which we call the combined TV cabinet. Its arrangement and cabinet selection can be carried out according to preference. Free collocation with sexy, for its injection of different flexible beauty.

Integral type

The so-called integrated design is to integrate the previous combination as a whole. The cabinet body is combined into one by means of customization to form a closed-loop of all inclusive type and build a regular aesthetic feeling. This kind of design technique, has the bigger request to the space area, the proposal uses in the sitting room of the large family type its area ample.

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