How To Arrange The Kitchen Cabinets More Reasonably?

- Aug 22, 2020-

1. One-shaped kitchen cabinet

The straight-line cabinet design is simple and clear, and saves space. Just place the cooking, cooking and cleaning areas from left to right or from right to left according to your own habits. . Choosing a linear cabinet also means that the kitchen area is limited, and the width of the kitchen is relatively narrow.

Advantages: suitable for narrow spaces, no obstacles during operation, the overall arrangement of each cabinet can be fully utilized, and all equipment is clear at a glance.

Disadvantages: The work surface is generally not sufficient, and the cabinets are generally not too much. If there are a little more kitchen supplies, the position may feel very insufficient.

Suggestion: This flat-shaped kitchen design is best used in small apartment, single apartment and other room types. Of course, you can also use this type for small kitchens you want to save space or remodel yourself.

2. L-shaped kitchen cabinet

The design concept puts cleaning, catering and cooking as the three core tasks during kitchen decoration, which are arranged in the interconnected L-shaped wall space in sequence. It is better not to design the L-shaped side too long, so as not to reduce the efficiency of self-cooking. This kind of kitchen decoration method is more common and practical.

Advantages: It makes full use of the operating space in the middle zone and forms an iron triangle in the process of washing, cutting and frying, which is the most reasonable kitchen operation mode.

Disadvantages: In the corners of wall cabinets and floor cabinets, it is easy to form a blind spot for vision and use, and the applicable corner baskets are mostly imported products, and the price is higher.

Recommendation: At present, the L-shaped kitchen is the most common type in the family, and the scale type is also medium in size. A family with a medium number of family members will be more suitable for L-shaped design.

3. U-shaped kitchen cabinet

Arrange the sink, workbench, stove, and refrigerator into a U-shape along the wall. The sink in the cleaning center is placed at the bottom of the U, and the storage area and cooking area are placed on both sides of the U. The high and low cabinets are designed to increase the storage space, and the electrical appliances can be embedded in the cabinets to complement each other and greatly save space.

Advantages: The electrical appliances and kitchenware can be embedded in the cabinet to make the overall effect of the kitchen stronger. The U-shaped reciprocal range brings a new experience.

Disadvantage: The disadvantage is that the corners increase, which makes it more difficult to deal with. The kitchen appliance configuration should find the relevant position, and secondly, it will take up more space.

Suggestion: U-shaped cabinets are not suitable for this design for small kitchens and will appear crowded. It is suitable for household heads with many family members, because multiple people can do housework without affecting it.

4. Double one type kitchen cabinet

When decorating the kitchen, design the work area on two parallel lines. Very common in foreign countries, the two-shaped cabinet can divide the kitchen function into two parts, one is cleaning and processing materials, the other is cooking and placing, and the two parts are distributed in a "two" shape.

Advantages: the function distribution of the kitchen is more distinct, and the overall feeling forms an opposite and unified style. It can be used flexibly during cooking.

Disadvantages: a relatively special rectangular space is required. If you want to use it comfortably, the space requirement is larger, and the kitchen utensils placed have certain limitations.

Suggestion: From the appearance of the structure, it increases the sense of hierarchy in the kitchen. This type is more suitable for larger kitchen space, because it is more convenient to cook.

5. Island kitchen cabinet

This kitchen decoration model evolved from the above four basic forms, and innovated according to space and personal preferences. The island-shaped design must consider the reasonable layout of cabinets and kitchen appliances, as well as smooth flow lines for the space, so as to fully demonstrate the spaciousness of the space.

Advantages: Make the meaning of the kitchen more open, integrated into the resting place of the living room, making the kitchen diversified, more lively and warm.

Disadvantages: This type of cabinet requires a lot of space. If the kitchen is not large enough, it can be connected to the living room. The overall input price is relatively high.

Suggestion: The general villa will choose an open island kitchen, which is beautiful and atmospheric, but also can feel the warmth of the home, but the control of oil fume is not perfect.

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