How To Calculate The Area Of The Custom Wardrobes?

- Jul 20, 2019-

Everyone knows that the price of wardrobe is based on the area of wardrobe, so the area algorithm of wardrobe is very important, so how to calculate the area of customized wardrobe? Let's get to know it together, and attach the whole house customized pricing method, you must also want to know.

★Valuation of Projected Area

Generally speaking, customized wardrobes are priced according to projected area. The projection area algorithm is relatively simple, and the projection area = width X height. It is equal to the area of the wardrobe projected on the wall from the front.

And price = projection area X unit price. The total price generally includes the basic folding area, hanging short clothes area, hanging long clothes area, hanging clothes pole, all sheets and necessary hardware, which can meet the basic living needs of most users.

Of course, if additional side plates, top lines, Roman columns and so on are needed, they will be separated and calculated separately.

Advantages: Simple calculation method, intuitive feeling, can quickly calculate the approximate price of customized products.

Disadvantage: Parts that exceed the standard configuration should be quoted separately. Therefore, there will be some deviation in the valuation.

Custom wardrobe

★Expansion Area Valuation

Compared with the projected area calculation method of the overall package price, the expanded area calculation method is more accurate. Expanded area is to completely separate the structure of the product, separate the sheet, hardware, partition, backplane and related accessories to calculate the area and unit price, and finally add up to get the final total price.

For your understanding, you can imagine a cabinet as a cube box, and the expansion area is probably the following.

In order to get an accurate budget, it is necessary to confirm the design of the pricing method of the expansion area. The calculation method is complicated, and if the price difference is adjusted slightly, it will change greatly.

But this pricing method is more open and transparent for households. Users can design the internal structure according to their own needs, how many layers are placed, and how far are the layers, not only humanized, but also can play a role in controlling the budget.

Advantages: The amount is very accurate. More humane, and able to control the budget.

Disadvantage: Valuation is time-consuming, and it is necessary to recalculate the added or reduced items when revising the scheme again. It is not only time-consuming, but also highly demanding for the professional quality of service personnel.

★Unit cabinet valuation

According to unit calculation, the brand has a quotation for each standard cabinet, drawer, partition, etc. Users can combine freely according to their own needs, just like building blocks, flexible and free. Finally, the total price of a single cabinet is calculated directly.

But different brands, whether the individual quotation contains hardware and other small accessories, the situation is different.

Advantages: Convenient valuation and easy to both sides.

Disadvantage: It can only be selected according to the size specified by the brand.

Custom wardrobe how to calculate the area, we all know it, I believe that understanding this, there is a deeper understanding of the price, their own decoration will not be fooled.