How To Choose A Bathroom Cabinet

- Jan 05, 2019-

With the improvement of people's quality of life, they gradually began to pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom and the importance of selecting bathroom furniture. Most homes today prefer custom made furniture, and bathroom cabinets are no exception. So, what are the factors that need to be considered in ordering custom bathroom cabinets?


Custom-made bathroom cabinets are mainly based on solid wood, MDF and moisture-proof panels. They are mainly based on their own surface treatment process to withstand temperature, humidity and even sunlight to reflect ultraviolet rays, which can ensure the long-term substrate in the bathroom. Use, will not crack deformation.

First, choose the material

The most important thing about custom-made bathroom furniture is to work hard on materials selection. Because of different geographical environments and different climatic factors, customers' purchase needs are different. The bathroom cabinet is originally installed in a watery place. Therefore, when customizing the panel of the bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture resistance of the material, so as not to be used for a long time.

Second, choose style style

The style of the custom bathroom cabinet is mainly determined by the style of the home decoration, so that it does not seem to be inconspicuous. Sometimes the custom-made furniture can be a bit of a pen, not only beautiful, but also better overall. In the custom bathroom cabinet, the size of the bathroom cabinet is also very much you want to know. The standard size of the general bathroom cabinet is 800mm ~ 1000mm, and the width is 450mm ~ 500mm. Since the size of the bathroom is basically the same, the bathroom cabinet can be resized according to your own requirements.

Third, choose accessories

The general furniture is made up of many accessories. Without the cooperation and organization of these accessories, these furniture can not play any role at all. It can even be said that the wood is waste. Therefore, when customizing furniture, we must also pay attention to the quality assurance of some hardware accessories while selecting accessories. Customized bathroom cabinets, general accessories are some hardware accessories, such as bathroom cabinet doors are supported by hinges, as well as handles, hinges, etc., need to choose good quality to prevent some quality problems.

Fourth, choose quality

This is the last question to be aware of when ordering custom bathroom cabinets. Because there are a lot of big furniture brands, customers pay attention to the brand when buying furniture. If you order furniture, you should pay more attention to this problem, because custom furniture is to choose a good manufacturer to customize your favorite style and Style furniture, if there is no selected custom-made manufacturer, then the custom-made furniture will not be guaranteed in terms of quality. Naturally, it is not the furniture that you want. Therefore, when customizing the bathroom cabinet, the quality is also critical, which determines the quality of the bathroom cabinet.