How To Choose Disinfection Cabinet?

- Sep 27, 2019-

The disinfection cabinet has three main functions: disinfection, drying and storage of tableware.

Ozone disinfection

Ultraviolet radiation with wavelength of 184,9 nm can convert oxygen molecule (O 2) into ozone molecule (O 3), which has the effect of ozone sterilization. Ozone is a kind of intensifier and bactericide, which can enter into the cell of pathogen, destroy its structure and oxidase, play a bactericidal role, the effect is related to ozone concentration and action time. It can sterilize more than 90% of the general natural bacteria and 99% of the intestinal infectious diseases. It is suitable for sterilizing tableware which is not resistant to high temperature and can keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Ozone is a light blue gas, which can not only deodorize, keep fresh and clean air, but also enter bacteria, destroy their cell structure and oxidase. When the concentration reaches a certain level, it can achieve bactericidal effect. The greater the ozone concentration in the disinfection cabinet, the better the germicidal efficacy.

Ultraviolet disinfection

Ultraviolet lamp produces two different kinds of light when it works, one is visible light, that is, blue light we see, and the other is invisible light that cannot be seen by the eye, mainly referring to two kinds of rays with different wavelengths. One is 253.7 nanometer (nm), which can kill poison, but does not produce ozone, the other is 184.9 nanometer, which can activate oxygen in the air into ozone to produce ozone. Destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in bacteria and viruses, cause growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death, achieve sterilization effect.

High-temperature sterilization

High-temperature disinfection generally uses heating to 120 C for about 10 to 15 minutes to denaturate the protein tissue of microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, so as to kill bacteria and viruses. The heating mode is usually far infrared. High temperature disinfection has a good effect. It can kill general bacteria and viruses (including hepatitis B virus), and the killing rate is more than 99%. But it does not work with inorganic chemical poisons and a few special biological viruses. Its shortcomings are also fatal, high power, uneven temperature and damage and deformation of cavity and heating object.

In summary, because the hidden danger of high temperature is relatively large, especially when the disinfection cabinet is installed under the cooker, high temperature products such as ovens and high temperature disinfection cabinets are very dangerous. Therefore, the choice of ozone + ultraviolet double disinfection is better, it is better to choose low-temperature disinfection and drying disinfection cabinet, this kind of disinfection cabinet is to use medium-temperature disinfection, temperature will not be too high.

Secondly, it is drying. At present, the mainstream drying methods are roughly divided into three types: PTC hot air circulation drying, quartz tube heating drying and floor heating uniform heating drying.

PTC hot air circulation is to transfer heat to the whole box by the fan. The thermal uniformity is much better, but the bottom space far from the heating source still has the problem of incomplete drying.

Quartz tube heating and drying single lamp tube heating, easy to cause local temperature is too high, heating uneven. Quartz tube heating is also divided into two kinds, one is aluminium alloy outside protection, aluminium alloy cooling fast, low surface temperature, prevent water droplets and direct contact with the lamp, extend the lamp life, do not hurt hands is relatively safe; the other is the direct lamp exposed, in addition to the risk of scald, for the drainage. Water droplets dripping from tableware are liable to contact with the lamp tube, resulting in easy damage of the lamp tube.

Homogeneous heating drying using large area heating film is more uniform heating temperature, will not cause local temperature too high, the bottom of the water can be completely dried, the bottom of the aluminum alloy floor, completely avoid the problem of rust on the floor; the outer heating box has fewer internal components, better sealing, less ozone leakage.

In this way, the current floor heating uniform heating mode has more advantages, in addition to the cost is more expensive than the other two heating modes.

In addition to sterilizing and drying another major function is to put tableware, it is necessary to choose a tableware disinfection cabinet.

From the point of view of box structure, there are roughly three kinds at present, such as large design of upper and lower box, small upper box and large lower box, and large upper box and small lower box. Large boxes look more beautiful, but this kind of box structure, large plates can not be erected in the disinfection cabinet, once the home tableware is larger, such a disinfection cabinet will be like decoration; small boxes under large design, more inconsistent with people's habit of using cabinets, the upper can only place small plates and comparison. Shallow bowl, not particularly practical, 9 inches of this more common dish to go to the lower level, two drawers have to open, or will be more troublesome; the design of large and small, more practical than the other two designs.

In addition to the above three main functions, there are also some other functions that are more important, such as intelligent safety locks, disinfection cabinets can automatically open safety locks, lock drawers, in order to prevent children from opening disinfection cabinets, avoid injury; intelligent induction sterilization, can automatically sense and then automatically open the disinfection and drying mode; negative. Ions can purify air and other functions.