How To Choose High Quality Solid Wood Cabinets

- Oct 15, 2018-

Everyone's life is like a pyramid. Only when they climb up, can they have the biggest vision. Some people are mediocre, and they spend the rest of their lives in old places. Some people follow the steps and work hard to climb from the E floor. To the C floor; only a few people can quickly climb to the A floor and enjoy the scenery of the summit. These are not obtained through their own efforts. It is like we are looking forward to coming to the big city we dreamed of, and buying a house has become us. The dream of such a foreigner, for this reason, we continue to struggle and work hard. After several years of repeated savings in this year, I bought a set of small houses of 7, 80 square meters. I am also very satisfied, but in terms of decoration, I am only A little white, do not know how to start, and cabinets as an important part of the kitchen, is the most indispensable, the selection of high-quality solid wood cabinets is the king, we should consider when to pick a good solid wood cabinets

1. Look at the brand of the plate: To choose a more durable brand, the seller must issue a brand authorization certificate when looking at the sample.

2, look at environmental standards: the most direct way is to identify the smell is not big, in addition, the seller can issue a certificate of environmental protection standards for the plate, to reach the E1 standard for households.

3, look at the moisture-proof function: Relatively speaking, the kitchen is a relatively humid space, the cabinet board is best to choose the particle board after the moisture treatment. In the selection from the cross section of the sheet, the green moisture-proof particles should be uniformly and evenly distributed.

4, look at the thickness of the sheet: should be 18 mm, the board is relatively not easy to deform, can also extend the service life by about double

5, look at the cabinet back: Some manufacturers may use a single-sided back plate to reduce costs. The side of the back panel against the wall is bare. When choosing, be sure to check whether the back panel is a double cover.