How To Design Customized Home

- Oct 28, 2019-

1. The whole storage cabinet at the head of the bed, and the handy storage area

2. Make good use of the top and left and right sides of the bedside to store in different areas

3. Fully utilize the wall on one side of the window, make a custom cabinet, never give up the top, and also make a man-made floating window.

4. In fact, it's not a large porch area, but it's a perfect solution with customized cabinets. It's neat and practical, and the top, side and ground cabinets take what they need.

5. The more exaggerated and characteristic porch can also be realized through the customized cabinet. The cabinet body and the wall are painted in the same color, completely integrated, and the sense of space unity is unprecedented reflected.

6. Through customized cabinets and sliding doors, a "TV wall" can be built to hide TV. The lattice of bookcase is also tailored to different sizes of books and magazines.

7. Whether it's the stairs or the wall beside the stairs, you can customize a quite practical storage space.

8. The best sofa is the one that is most suitable for the environment. The color and pattern of the sofa may be quite different from the traditional popular style, but no matter the lattice or the fresh color, it can be realized through customization.

9. A customized sit and sleep collapse, which can talk with each other, is also suitable for friends to live in. What's more, the reserved lamp slot creates a soft and comfortable light source.

10. the custom made "storage bed" is quite practical. The size of the drawer, where and what shape it is has the final say.

What's the magic about customizing your home

1. If it is not customized, you may not imagine making another "room" in the room. The bed is always embarrassed outside. When the door is closed, the beauty value in the room doubles immediately.

2. The folding bed is the most efficient use of space, and it can be so simple and beautiful. Only customization can achieve this.

3. Of course, don't forget that you can "Customize" one of the most distinctive doors, which is likely to become a highlight of your home.

4. The balcony is the most difficult space to use, and through "customization", it creates a new function for the balcony: simple home office area.

5. A narrow and strange small space, through the customized home, realizes the storage of both sides of the low cabinet + middle card seat + bottom storage.

6. The cabinets on the left and right sides highlight the excellent overall sense, and the whole space has uniform tonality and smooth lines.

Advantages and disadvantages of customized home

Advantages: customized furniture more in line with the functional requirements, from the size is also more in line with the requirements of users. Can not waste space, more practical.

Disadvantages: after all, customized furniture is not designed and produced in process and industrialization, so it is likely that there is a big gap between the quality and the hope, so we should prepare for it.

What can be customized?

Most people can think of all kinds of cabinets and stairs, but in fact, there are many things that can be customized in a home, including but not limited to: sofa, curtain, carpet, door and window, sanitary ware, even wallpaper.

Customization is generally the following dimensions: size, material, color, pattern and design. You can change only one dimension or all dimensions.

Will custom home furnishings be expensive?

In fact, it won't cost a lot, especially for many brands that provide customization options. Customization doesn't need to be paid separately. It just needs to make up the difference according to the different materials and sizes replaced.