How To Design The Overall Kitchen Of Different Apartment Types?

- Aug 22, 2020-

Nowadays, when decorating houses, most families attach great importance to the decoration of the kitchen. The kitchen is used for cooking. If the kitchen is not well decorated, or the decoration is not beautiful or practical, then the cook must be in a bad mood. The food is not delicious either. Nowadays, there are many brands and styles of cabinets on the market, which meet the needs of consumers. The whole cabinet is very popular with consumers, but many people don't know much about the whole cabinet. The overall kitchen design should be decided according to different apartment types. How to make the kitchen planning and design look good?

1. Small apartment kitchen

Design concept: make full use of space, small and exquisite

Color matching: white, brown, yellow or red

Design style: flat-shaped kitchen cabinet, assembled kitchen cabinet

2. Medium-sized kitchen

Design concept: reasonable and flat, warm and comfortable

Color matching: green, white, red, brown

Design style: L-shaped kitchen cabinet, semi-assembled kitchen cabinet

3. Large apartment kitchen

Design concept: abandon the rigid, the layout is more standard

Color matching: white, yellow, brown, orange

Design style: U-shaped kitchen cabinet, customized kitchen cabinet

4. Villa kitchen

Design concept: bright and warm, luxurious and leisure

Color matching: white, yellow, orange, gray, mix and match

Design style: island-shaped kitchen cabinet, customized kitchen cabinet

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