Installation Method Of Gas Stove

- Dec 12, 2019-

Today, the utilization rate of gas stoves is still relatively high. Today, I'd like to introduce some small knowledge about gas stoves

1. the cooker is required to be installed in a well ventilated kitchen, with a minimum distance of 1 meter from the cylinder, but the maximum length of the air inlet hose should not exceed 2 meters, and no inflammable materials should be piled under and around the cooker.

2. The clear distance between the back of the stove and the wall shall not be less than 15 cm, and the clear distance between the side and the wall shall not be less than 20 cm; if the wall is inflammable material, a thermal insulation fireproof layer shall be pasted, and the excess of the fireproof layer shall not be less than 10 cm from both ends of the stove surface and the part below the stove, and the excess of the stove shall not be less than 80 cm.

3. The gap at the connection of air inlet pipe must be sealed. When connecting with rubber pipe, the rubber pipe must be put in place and clamped with clamp.

Gas is toxic and easy to explode. If it is not used properly, it may cause personal injury and fire. Pay attention to safety.

1. different gas sources should be used for different gas stoves. Please pay attention to this when purchasing. If the air source you use has changed, you must ask the original manufacturer to make corresponding modifications to your cooker before using.

2. Gas transmission rubber pipe is easy to be aged and cracked, and its joints and bends shall be inspected frequently. If there is any damage, it shall be replaced immediately, or once every 1-2 years. The best choice is oil resistant and pressure resistant rubber pipe.

3. when using gas stoves, people should not stay away. In case of leakage or flame extinguishment due to accidental reasons (wind blowing, water overflowing, etc.), turn off the main switch of air source immediately, open the doors and windows, ventilate quickly, and do not ignition or switch on or off the electrical appliances, so as to prevent the electric spark from detonating the gas.

4. Users of artificial gas shall frequently clean the fire hole on the fire cover to avoid blocking.

5. when using the infrared gas stove, do not put it on the porous ceramic radiant plate, so as not to affect the combustion and damage the ceramic plate; if the ceramic plate has cracks, defects, air leakage and other phenomena. Always check if there is any air leakage at the connection of the gas pipeline (air tank) of the stove. Wipe the important parts with soap and water foam. If there is air bubble, it means that the air leakage should be repaired in time. Fire first, then deflate, then sit in the pot: ventilate the room, do not close the kitchen doors and windows for a long time.

If the air tank is used, it shall be placed upright in a place easy to move. It is strictly prohibited to place it horizontally or upside down. The place where the tank is placed shall be cool, dry and ventilated. There shall be a certain distance between the open fire and the radiator. When using gas, people should not leave for a long time, so as to prevent the fire from being extinguished by the wind or the soup overflowing, thus causing an accident. In case of air leakage, do not ignite to avoid explosion. Only open windows for ventilation and repair before use.

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