Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

- Feb 11, 2020-

Basic maintenance of cupboard

1. Ventilation: for newly decorated kitchen, pay attention to ventilation, avoid corrosive gas from decoration materials, and oxidize the surface of kitchen cabinet.

2. Keep fresh: after using the cupboard every time, dry it with wet cotton cloth. Do not leave water stains on the surface of the cupboard. Water with high iron content may cause brownish red marks on the surface of the cupboard.

Cleaning methods of cabinets of the same type

1. Wooden cabinet

Wood cabinet cleaning method is to use white vinegar and alcohol mixture to clean, and then add a few drops of detergent. Use a microfiber cloth to wet the cleaning mixture to wipe the cabinet. Next, wash the cabinet thoroughly with warm water, and finally brush the surface with furniture oil containing beeswax. Your cupboard will look new.

2. Bright painted cabinet

Bright painted cabinets need to be cleaned with mild detergent, but if too much detergent is used on the painted surface, the detergent will cause certain damage to the paint. So, mix the white vinegar with a few drops of detergent, but don't go to alcohol this time. Put this mixture in the spray bottle to better control the amount of spray. After spraying, wipe the cabinet with a slightly wet fiber cloth. Finally, dry with another clean microfiber cloth.

3. Black painted cabinet

Black cabinets can create a unique appearance in the kitchen. No matter whether the cabinets are painted black or dyed with ebony, they need careful cleaning. There are water and oil stains on the cabinets every day, and there will be accumulated dust. So you should wipe it with a wet cloth at least once a week. It only takes a few minutes, but doing so can reduce or prevent the cabinet from slowly damaging.

4. White painted cabinet

White cabinets give the kitchen a fresh, clean look, but they can easily see scratches. Like black cabinets, white cabinets should be wiped with a wet cloth at least once a week. White paint should also be used to repair scratches.

5. Laminate cabinet

Laminate cabinets are the easiest to keep clean because their surfaces are free of porous wood grain that absorbs dirt and oil. Once a week, use a wet microfiber cloth for cleaning. It is also a mixture of detergent and vinegar. Vinegar is a natural acid, which can clean food that is not easy to clean. Cleanser helps to produce mild foam and is also easy to clean.