Maintenance Instructions For Baking Paint, Solid Board, Solid Wood, Film Pressure Door Panel

- Jun 20, 2020-

1. Maintenance instructions for baking paint (baking paint, Jinlang paint, UV paint) door panels

Painted door panels are the easiest to clean and maintain. Under normal circumstances, soft stains can be used to remove general stains. More oil stains can be removed with a small amount of detergent and gently wiped. Do not use pine perfume, banana water, or acetone. Wipe the lamp with chemical solvent. And please make sure that all cleaning utensils (cloths, sponges, etc.) are absolutely clean. Residues of stains containing particles in the cleaning utensils, such as sand and dust particles, can cause scratches on the paint door, so please do not use stained cleaning utensils.

2. Maintenance instructions for the whole door panel

Once the surface is stained, please wash it off with water or detergent in time. Do not let the stain dry on the surface. Residues of stains, especially oil stains and oil deposits spilt during cooking, can be wiped off gently with detergent or a soft cloth dipped in detergent.

3. Maintenance instructions for solid wood door panels

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are simple, natural, dignified and elegant, but due to changes in their moisture content, they are easily deformed, so they need special care.

(1), small wood decontamination tips

A. Maintenance of scratches and dents: A simpler method is to use cotton balls or paintbrushes to apply shoe polish of similar colors to the surface of the furniture.

B. Remove water traces: Use clean absorbent paper to spread on the water traces, press it with a heated iron, and also use salad oil and toothpaste. Afterwards, wipe it off and wax it.

C. Removal of white marks: apply a mixture of cigarette ash and lemon juice or salad oil to the cloth, wipe dry and wax.

(2) Maintenance method

Always use a soft cloth to remove dust along the wood texture. Before removing the dust, you should spray detergent on the soft cloth (Bi Lizhu, etc.) instead of rubbing with a dry cloth to avoid scratching the flowers. Avoid letting sunlight shine on the surface of the furniture for a long time, as it will easily make the internal moisture of the wood unbalanced and cause cracks. In such a dry environment in summer, artificial humidification measures should be used regularly to replenish excessive water loss, such as often wiping the door panel with a soft cloth after moistening water. Maintain good humidity. The ideal humidity is around 40%. Use a soft cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush to wipe it. Avoid using a metal brush, a hard bristle brush, or a rough cloth to avoid scratching the door panel surface.

4. Maintenance instructions of membrane pressure door panel

The maintenance of the membrane pressure door panel is very convenient and easy. Use ordinary household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, etc. But do not use cleaning products for polishing. And wipe with a soft cloth. After wiping off the stains, use water to remove the residual detergent, and finally wipe the door panel surface with a cloth. Stubborn stains, such as paint, sticky substances, oil stains from cooking, etc., can be treated with commercially available plastic cleaning products. But before use, please select a small hidden place on the surface of the door panel and use the cleaning supplies for the vague test. Acidic cleaners, paints or resin thinners, as well as nitro-containing cleaners are not suitable for the cleaning of this type of door surface. Do not use steam-based cleaning products.

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