Necessary For Restaurant Storage

- Feb 20, 2020-

The tidiness and comfort of the restaurant environment often affect the mood of the diner, so it is very necessary for the storage of the restaurant. In the dining room, it's necessary to count the side cabinets, but only one is a little hard. Today Xiaofu will recommend a set of storage combination - wine cabinet + side cabinet combination!

The combination of wine cabinet and sideboard expands the storage category and saves the floor space. It can be said that it is the super capacity storage technology of the restaurant~

Special storage

A part of the wine cabinet + sideboard combination cabinet has a special wine bar area, which can only store wine bottles. It is more convenient to use, and the storage is more clear at a glance. It is very suitable for families with wine storage.

The design of special wine case is also part of the aesthetic feeling of the cabinet. Different wine case designs make the storage cabinet present different styles.

There is asymmetry, symmetry, and a single region. Asymmetric wine design shows a unique geometric sense, symmetrical and single wine design makes the whole cabinet more dignified.

Skip color treatment can be used in wine storage area to increase visual effect.

The combination of wine cabinet with fresh color and sideboard can make the restaurant environment bright.

The pure white wine cabinet is full of romance. If there is a small bar design, it will be more perfect.

The customized wine cabinet + meal side cabinet can better meet the limitations of the house type, select the most appropriate size and storage capacity.

Open storage

There is no combination cabinet of wine cabinet + sideboard in the special wine bar area, which is more flexible in use and adapts according to their own living habits.

If the restaurant is messy, you can choose the cabinet with more closed grid layers to keep the restaurant clean.

You can also choose to use a combination of opaque and transparent glass doors to place a high degree of neatness in a transparent area.

If you have confidence in the storage, choose more open lattice and more beautiful, and orderly placement of items can definitely increase the aesthetic feeling of the cabinet.