Style Classification Of Wine Cabinet

- Feb 20, 2020-

1. Modern style, with several features, can be put into walls, cabinets, and decorative cabinets. Of course, you can consider the relationship between the room area, and the wine cabinet can be integrated with some practical things. In general, it can put wine and other things.

2. American style, I don't know whether Meidi likes it or not. In that sentence, if the house is small, use the kitchen wall space to make a closet and put wine! , and save space, but also more beautiful, this led from the American family fireplace design.

3. European style, I found that Europeans also like to listen to and drink. If you have nothing to do, you can choose European cabinets to show the European style, with the majority of white or beige on them, and with your own design style, it has a kind of elegant artistic characteristics, which is also the charm of European style.

4. Rural style, I think you know the most about this style. I think we are the main force of the post-90s generation now, which conforms to the current aesthetic standards. The overall color is mainly ivory white or white, which is more spacious and bright for the small house type, and there is a wine cabinet which also has a grade and mood.

5. Chinese style wine cabinet, the Chinese drinking culture is extensive and profound, I don't know if I have finished drinking. Therefore, the design on the wine cabinet emphasizes more on the sense of hierarchy. In the collocation of Chinese traditional cultural elements, there are cultural connotations and a sense of historical heaviness.