The Overall Cabinet Is Extremely Good

- Oct 20, 2018-

The whole cabinet refers to a cabinet combination consisting of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas stoves and kitchen functional appliances. It has three functions of storage, preparation and cooking. It is characterized by the combination of cabinets and consoles, kitchen appliances and various functional components, and according to the structure, area, and individual needs of the family members in the home, through the overall configuration, overall design, overall construction, and finally Form a complete set of products, to achieve the overall coordination of each process of the kitchen work, and full-featured, excellent performance, rich colors, diverse shapes.

What are the advantages of the whole cabinet?

Cabinets in China have long appeared, but the traditional cabinets are basically the "cooker + cupboard" way. The modern whole kitchen is a whole concept, with complex structure, rich connotation and complete functions. Compared to traditional cabinets, modern cabinets have the following advantages:

1 The overall whole cabinet integrates kitchen appliances and various kitchen utensils systematically and reasonably, making it an organic whole, that is, the design as a whole, the decoration as a whole and the overall configuration, realizing the complete function, form, art and practicality of the kitchen. Unite

2 Safety The whole cabinet is systematically and comprehensively designed and decorated by professionals, which eliminates all kinds of neglected safety hazards in traditional kitchens and achieves the perfect combination of water and fire, electricity and gas.

3 Health Formaldehyde and radiation damage are a common phenomenon in home decoration. Therefore, in the selection of the overall cabinet materials, special attention should be paid to environmental protection issues to effectively reduce people's fear. The careful design of the professionals, together with the materials for the cabinets and the embedded electrical equipment, made people say goodbye to the smoke in the kitchen battlefield, which in turn increased the health index.