Wardrobe Customization Also Need To Buy?

- Nov 10, 2018-

According to the user's needs, the wardrobe is customized according to the room layout, using the space location, the on-site scale, using professional software to simulate the real-life image, using the assembly line to produce a single product, and then assembling and assembling into a whole furniture. It is generally made according to the wall, and is integrated with the walls on both sides to give a beautiful and beautiful decoration feeling. Therefore, the width of the wardrobe takes into account the distance between the bed, the dressing table and the bedside table.

In order to maximize the functional space of the overall wardrobe, it is best to determine the width and height of the wardrobe. The height of the closet can be set according to the height of the family members. When the bedroom needs to be suspended, the distance between the closet and the ceiling should also be considered. This shows that the wardrobe customization also needs to be purchased.

Wardrobe customization needs to be remembered to store clothes, often placed in the bedroom, and is in frequent contact with people. Therefore, whether the wardrobe sheet is environmentally friendly is very important, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde volatilized by inferior building materials are extremely harmful to human health. Pay attention to the selection of laminates and drawers, or configure lifting hangers to facilitate clothing and reduce the risk of climbing.