Wardrobe Installation Method

- Nov 25, 2018-

Before installing, first pad the floor with a cloth, first install it from the wide side panel against the wall, and lay the wide side panel on the ground. 

First, put the plate of the filled three-in-one rubber plug on the cloth, check the hole distance and the drawing to match, and then install the three-in-one single link. Then, the solid layer is nailed to the cork and fixed on the wide side plate, the top handle with the large handle hole facing upward, the other solid layers facing downward, and the foot line large handle hole facing inward. Put the side panels and nail the cork. The cork is required to connect to the solid layers on both sides. Install the double connecting rod on the second cabinet. Note that the double handle can only lock half of the large handle. When the two solid layers and the side plates are fixed, tighten the large handle at the same time. 

When nailing the backboard, the side of the assembled whole cabinet should be placed on the floor of the cushioned cloth, and the flat side panels should be in the same plane. Use a slider to measure the diagonal size of the cabinet and adjust it to the same level. Start with the first backing plate from the wide measuring board. 

Note that if there is a solid nail in the middle, draw the center line of the solid layer with a pencil and nail it. nail. When installing the L frame, use the side plates of the L frame on a parallel line above the corresponding side plates, then move the center line of the three-in-one rubber particles up by 9mm, and draw the top of the L frame on the corresponding bottom plate. A parallel line, the center line of 9mm draws the center line of three rubber particles. The hole was drilled with a 10 mm drill bit and the hole depth was 10-20 mm. Install a single pole. After the L frame is installed, nails are fixed on the back plate.