Wardrobe Selection Details

- Dec 07, 2019-

1. First of all, look at the selection of wardrobe materials. Professional manufacturers choose environmental protection plates that meet the national test standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior plates that have no test report and pose a potential threat to human health. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe, first of all, it depends on whether the merchants have the board test report and relevant test certificate issued by the national testing department.

2. Look at the veneer. Some wardrobes look good on the surface, but with a slight scratch of the nail, there will be obvious scratches. These wardrobes often choose the surface of Baoli paper, gorgeous paper plate, poor wear resistance. The professional manufacturers use the environmental protection melamine veneer with thick dip paint and high temperature and high pressure treatment, with high surface strength, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

3. See the plate edge sealing. The professional manufacturer uses the precision panel saw to cut the panel, and there is no edge collapse around the panel. After the edge is sealed all around, it can effectively prevent the moisture in the air from invading the inside of the plate. And some manufacturers have no professional equipment, not only rough cutting, but also obvious edge collapse around. There are even Jerry built, only the front side of the plate edge. The remaining unsealed surface will absorb the moisture in the air, cause the expansion of the board, cause the deformation of the wardrobe, and affect the service life.

4. Look at the backplane structure. Professional manufacturers use 5 mm or more thick backplane, melamine veneer, to prevent the backplane from directly contacting with the wall to absorb water on the wall. The mainstream custom-made wardrobe brands in the market all adopt the nailed back connection, which is not easy to be affected with damp, mildew and deformation.

5. Look at hardware accessories. Professional manufacturers use famous accessories, quality assurance. Parts are often hidden. It's difficult for consumers to identify them. They need to push and pull carefully. Accessories are an important element of wardrobe, bookcase and sliding door, and an important indicator to ensure the comfort and durability of household products.

6. Check the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting signs and services. Professional manufacturers have obvious anti-counterfeiting marks on the edge banding strip, pulley, even plate veneer and packaging bar code of the wardrobe. The quality and maintenance are guaranteed, and consumers can use them at ease.

7. Furniture matching and systematization. Professional panel furniture manufacturing enterprises, not only can produce wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, but also provide shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, bed, dresser, bedside table, revolving hanger and other system household supporting products. After the overall coordination design, not only can we avoid the trouble of consumers' running around and patching together, but also the panel is unified, the color is coordinated, the style is matched, and the furniture has a high integrity.