What Is The Quality Of A Cabinet?

- Nov 22, 2019-

The cabinet consists of several parts: cabinet body, cabinet door, hardware, table top and back plate.

In addition, small components: the water retaining edge on the table, the corner of the floor cabinet, the skirting board, the cabinet body and the edge sealing of the cabinet door are all necessary.

In addition, there are drawers, pull baskets (pull baskets are divided into three types, pot baskets, bowl baskets and seasoning pull baskets), flip doors on the cupboard, and resistance of drawers. Knowing every part of the situation is not so easy to be fooled.

1. First, the cabinet door

Remember that the cabinet doors that can be molded are either made of density board or solid wood composite or solid wood.

Solid wood must be strong and good-looking, but the price is also good-looking. If not, it may also deform.

According to the surface treatment process, the solid wood cabinet door can be divided into many kinds: the first one is melamine, which is old in appearance and old in style, which is necessary for the decoration of the rental house.

What's better is that it's plastic absorbing. It can make a lot of modeling patterns. It's usually white, the whole rural modeling.

Then there is the double facing. The double facing can be regarded as the upgrade of the old melamine board. The process, quality and aesthetics are much better than before. There is a beautiful alias called ecological board, but it is actually melamine.

Then there is baking paint, baking paint is also divided into single-sided and double-sided baking paint, the advantage is more colors, good-looking. The disadvantage is that it is not strong. Double sided paint is much more expensive than single-sided paint.

Then the UV lacquer, the advantage is that it has bright spots inside, like nail polish, stronger than baking varnish.

Then is the metal drawing, with the stainless steel table, it seems very cold.

Then there is acrylic, which can be understood as a layer of high-grade plastic covered on the substrate, with a certain mirror effect. The advantage is that the color is bright, but the sense of cheapness is lingering, and now fewer people are using it.

Then there is crystal steel, which is painted with a layer of toughened glass. It looks crystal clear. Its wear resistance and texture are better than acrylic.

2. Talking about the cabinet

The cabinet body is the most moisture-proof board, which is also necessary for rental.

Then there is the "so-called dew river" cabinet advertised by the businessmen. It's unknown whether it's true or not, and whether it's labeled. However, it's said that there's no dew river in the cabinet below 1000.

Then there are solid wood composite and solid wood.

3. Table top

Artificial stone countertop. The advantage is that it looks good and cheap. The disadvantage is that it doesn't look good after a long time. It's a bit like plastic. It's easy to turn yellow. If you don't wipe the soy sauce in time, it's easy to get into it. It's not strong. You can't put a hot pot or chop ribs.

There are also high-grade artificial stone, usually DIY cabinet will choose to buy with the windowsill stone. The advantage is that it's more beautiful, less likely to turn yellow, and stronger than artificial stone. The disadvantage is that you can't put the pot or chop the ribs.

Quartz table top. Now most of the household use of this kind, made of quartz particles and broken glass, qualified quartz content at least 92%. The standard is 1.5 thick. The normal family is enough. There are also 2.0 thick ones. If you upgrade to 2.0, you need to add hundreds of meters. The thick ones are still heavy, which is also a challenge to the strength of your floor cabinet.

Because of the difficulty in processing, the quartz stone table is more expensive if it has a shape on its edge

The advantages of quartz table are wear-resistant, pressure resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, impermeable and durable. There are also disadvantages, because it's too hard and hard to process, so there's no way to make the joints invisible.

Stainless steel table-board. Greasy Chinese kitchen is the first choice. You can heat the pot and chop the ribs at will. It won't get into the soy sauce. The back kitchen of the restaurant is usually made of stainless steel, haven't you seen marble? But all stainless steel is too professional, it seems cold, and there is very little for family use.

4. The most important hardware

Hardware is particularly important. The cupboard door is always closed by hardware.

5. The real quality of cupboards depends on the details

The edge sealing of the cabinet body and the cabinet door seems simple, but in fact, it most reflects the strength of the manufacturer. Good edge sealing is traceless and leak free. The rough edge sealing makes people feel uncomfortable at a glance, which has a lot to do with the level of the machine and the operator.

There are also some details, such as the sealing edge of various openings, aluminum foil or plastic If you don't have confidence in the appointed cupboard and care about environmental protection, buy a roll of aluminum foil by yourself, it's very cheap. There are a lot of places where gas meters and sockets need to be opened on site.

Besides, is there a whole piece of aluminum foil under the cabinet under the water basin, is there a lining board under the table, how thick the lining board is, is the glass glue environmentally friendly, is there a dust-proof crystal corner, is the anti overturning partition bracket, and so on, which are all the real details of the cabinet.

Now good cabinets and hanging cabinets all use hanging codes. One can bear more than 100 Jin, and the other two can be installed in one cabinet. It is very strong and easy to take down.

6. There are also some small parts that need a little attention

Water retaining edge on the table: it must be better than none, but because quartz stone is difficult to process, you don't specifically mention it, and the manufacturer will certainly not specially make it for you. Water retaining edge and corner of ground cabinet: it doesn't matter what material it is. Skirting board: there are aluminum alloy and plastic ones. If you choose aluminum alloy for sure, they are strong. Therefore, we can not simply say which kind of cabinet is better, but mainly choose the most reasonable cabinet according to our daily life needs and budget.