What Materials Are Needed For Wardrobe Customization?

- Nov 25, 2018-

Customized wardrobe is the main component of the board. The quality of the product directly determines the quality of the product. It mainly uses splint, particle board and fiberboard, and the fiberboard is divided into high density, medium density and low density.

What materials are needed for the wardrobe customization, one is particleboard and the other is MDF. Generally, particle board is used, and ordinary glue is used. The cost is the lowest among the three materials. Customized wardrobe mainly uses melamine pressure medium density fiberboard. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, good internal bonding, acid and alkali resistance and good flame resistance. It is very suitable for home decoration.

Another type of MDF is also called MDF. It is pressed by wood powder and has better flatness. It is more suitable for boring and milling. It is usually used to make door panels, such as baking varnish and molding.

With the popularity of customization, more and more families choose wardrobe customization during the decoration. Now people's living standards are constantly improving. In addition to the beauty of the wardrobe, they also pay attention to the inner material, and hope to purchase a stable structure and green environment. wardrobe.