What's The Difference Between Whole House Custom Furniture And Whole Wood Custom Furniture?

- Nov 15, 2019-

The difference between the whole house custom-made furniture and the whole wood custom-made furniture. These two terms are derived from the custom-made furniture, and there are many overlaps, but in essence, there are many differences. Let's explain one by one. Generally speaking, the two of them are the same gown, but they grew up and separated.

First, the origin of whole house customization is from abroad. In the 1980s, it entered China. At first, it was just cabinet customization. Later, there was wardrobe customization gradually. At last, it added the customization of shoe cabinet and wine cabinet. So it is generally called whole house customization. The whole wood customization started to be popular around 2008, integrating log products and cabinets, adding log wallboard and log line, and log sky Flower, wooden door, wooden stairs, wine cellar, audio-visual and a series of wood system collection products, originated from the concept of assembly, develop China's high-end customization industry.

Second, the whole house customization industry has been formed in China. Several famous brand enterprises are mainly engaged in dividing the market. Moreover, the industry is relatively mature and homogenized seriously. 2. The whole wood industry is a large market and a small enterprise. As there are many hand-made products of wood products and the price of products is high, so far, no industry-leading enterprises and brands have been formed. The overall strength is weak, industry standards are missing, high-end talents are scarce, enterprise management and product quality levels are uneven, and both the market and consumers are in an immature period , it's confusing.

Third, the requirements of the whole house customization for the design are relatively low, which can be done by ordinary single designer, because it only involves two industries: cabinet and wardrobe, and the integration of the whole woodwork, including cabinet, wardrobe, wallboard, ceiling, wooden door, stairs and other industries, so the designer is particularly important. Therefore, the designer is required to control the overall furniture style and indoor environment atmosphere. On the basis of the interior design, the secondary design of the indoor environment atmosphere directly determines the success or failure of the interior environment design. Therefore, the interior designer who does not understand the whole wood customization can never make excellent interior design, even if there is, there will be gorgeous appearance and no connotation.

In a word, the overall wood work is a kind of high-end private customization of whole house customized furniture, which is suitable for high-end customers such as villas due to its good material, high requirements and high price. The whole house customization generally refers to the middle and low-end customers.